marriage retreat

As I write this, the large black bird that sits on top of the gazebo at our apartment complex is braving the rain, even tasting the rain drops every it every once in awhile. He eats the fish in the lake outside our balcony, and swims with the other ducks and turtles which I caught mating the other day. After it swims it will open up its large wingspan to dry out and look like some sort of metal bird gargoyle proclaiming freedom and existence. I was talking to You about him the other day and said "Isn't that cute?" He said that there was a second one too, in the surrounding area. We agreed that made it even cuter.

To celebrate our 17 month anniversary, we went to a long-awaited marriage retreat in the beautiful Portsmouth, VA. Besides having wonderful free food and a beautiful room overlooking the water, we had a weekend to ourselves without any technology at all and important classes on communication techniques, problem solving, personality types, and basic tools to focus on when being a couple gets hard. With us were couples that were married from anywhere from 3 months to 19 years. We would both highly recommend this type of retreat to any couple, especially this little number.

It's not always easy being You & Me. It's a common fact that You has the heart of the family and I have the brain; good thing both of us have the lion's courage to make it work ;). I was reminded of how much fun we like to have as well as how much we like to laugh.

Highlights of the weekend:
*~*a ferry ride*~*
*~*an enormous full rainbow (i'd never seen both ends of a rainbow before!)*~*
*~*the bier garten, of course ( a family favorite) *~*

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