meine rhinokerō

look at this little turtle muffin
his mouth is all swollen up because of his oral surgery
i am pretending i have a pet rhinoceros for the week
he's such a good sport letting me photograph and blog about him like this
Our Week Recommendations
1.) The Darjeeling Unlimited
2.) Juno, the soundtrack
3.) Chicken, Cabbage, and Kale Soup
4.) Poems of New York
5.) Throat Coat Tea
6.) The Jivamuk Tea Cafe in Manhattan
7.) Yes, the subway Philadelphia cheese steak on flat bread
8.) Chocolate covered strawberries
9.) turmeric
10.) Miso soup and adding mango to sushi rolls.

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Elie's Papel said...

hope he is feeling much better... love the Wes Anderson movies... have a nice one!