que tenga un foxy fin de semana

You is feeling all better so it's been back to the work week for us. He still looks a bit swollen in this photo but it has gone down since then. Excuse the tiny cell phone pictures, please! We are so lucky to have everything we do in life, it is incredible. Some plans have gotten pushed back which have allowed us to have even more time together which I love as you all know. This weekend we are going to our first marriage retreat which means
no laptops,
no cameras,
no blogging,
no cell phones
& just a whole lot of loving & quality time!
We hope we can come back with some great advice for the turtle dove project, but while we're at it, why don't you go ahead and submit some of your ideas?
zero handed kite flying
Events of the week:
-massive kite flying
-a night walk on the beach
-girls day out!
-group homework night ( i love hearing my husband learn to speak German & hope we can use it in CH someday soon!)
-indian food (which really just made us miss indian food back home)
-loving the darjeeling limited soundtrack
-listening to this sound way more times than we probably should:

have a foxy friday and an even foxier weekend.
we'll write again monday.

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