Rocky Coast Suitcase: Dreams of Katrina & the King

boxwood, originally uploaded by My name's axel.

Lately I have not been able to get the stormy Maine coast off of my mind. I want to take a train with two suitcases. One in each hand. The left one will be full of my poetry books and the right one will be full of cassettes of our music that we make. I will work my way down to the california coast sharing my art with people that are living here and now in real time. I will replace all of my things with ones they have shown me and eventually we will all be full of goodness.
I will sip hot cider by the seas and You would not have the constraints of his job to tie him up at any one dock, so we could travel together. I would be empty of any fiery dreams about climbing up the success ladder in photography, art, music, and theatre and would just allow myself to be topsy turvy in a panic universe for more than a little while.
We would make more love on every place on earth, finding good spots to forget all we had learned & making lore instead of war. We would make the biggest parties and throw the greatest stones across the water till we got bored enough realize we were there...

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Mary said...

Ooh all your dreams sound like mine! The Maine coast is one of my favorite places. The best long weekend of my life was in Bar Harbor, Maine. Very beautiful imagery in this post. thank you! ;)