spring is here

Hello Saturday,
Thank you so much to Katie for inviting me to guestblog.
It's the official first day of Spring.

Posted here are some spring art selections from long ago and not too long ago,
some on my own and some with artist friends.

ladybug / handwriting with Shannon McNeill

blue feather with Lisa Chun
(text on back reads "You hold the seeds in your hands")

Fresh Cocoanut Pudding with Sooin Lee

As a teacher, the light of summer (off) is on the horizon.
Staff and students are noticeably tired
and ready for spring break, I have one more week to go.
As an artmaker, I can't wait for the luxury of bigger blocks of time
to spend in the studio...

... and with Mr. Pibb.

Have a wonderful Spring.


Katrina LB King said...

Lynne, thank-you so much, I've been super excited for your post. Your pieces are beyond beautiful, and I find it especially touching that you are so open to collaboration within your work. I would absolutely love to create something with you in the future if you are up to it. I adore the quote about the seeds, that is good for each of us to realize every morning ;).

Yes, a great day indeed: the 1st day of Spring & The 1 year anniversary of the blog.

To life!

Mary said...

Love Mr. Pibb too.

Found Days said...

Thanks so much Katie for your kind words. Yes, it'd be cool to collaborate, let me know if you have any specific ideas. It's pretty wonderful to make these artistic connections through our blogs. Keeping up an art blog and following other artist blogs really helps keep a part of me alive that sometimes gets lost in everyday life.

& Mary, yes, Mr. Pibb is super easy to love. I often can't wait to get home to see his little face.