two days later: the sense of place of my mind for you to read at brunch dusk

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This very much reminded me of a cactus I bought while living in Costa Rica, it had an inside story but the main gig was that it reminded me to be wildly independent. Radiantly silly. More than just a good match.

You always says I seem stronger when I get back from new york. The city is the only place my mind is put on zone instead of drumroll, it diffuses the chaotic pleasures of my brain inside a cage. Thank you for asking how it went, it went fast, and good. I got in and out of trouble, and was covered in metal for a little while. It is in my future and beats underneath my eyelashes.

You is still sick. We are making songs up to get over it. He is sleeping in the sun of the season that I forgot all about; spring. I am wrapping up this quarter and I have two more to go till graduation, but I feel stonier and stupider than when I even first arrived. I'm thinking of words that end in "k i n g"....can you help me?

I have grown far too much a fan of comfort and lazy mornings. I have been graced upon the threshold of happy oolong days, dreaming of seventeen degree ice bars and what life would taste like without so much pepper greed.

have a good one, it's a ripe one for sanity and sparkle.

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