closer still | care for what you wish for

no need for important measures, originally uploaded by oyahuasca.
Last week I was blogging about how I felt so far away from so many things, but tonight I feel so sooo close to so many somethings

1.) Happiness in this hap-hazard city full of pace

2.) financial stability

3.) a mental/physical breakdown

4.) ansel. home. a good night's sleep. They are only a night's sleep away katie, one night-sleep away

5.) You. He is inside my heart after all

6.) a shiny, sparkly career

7.) closing my eyes very tight

8.) falling more in love with this world

9.) finding my seams. my breaking points

10.) getting into new trouble, tasting new risks, and talking to new planets.

11.) escaping from escaping from escaping...

And, if that threw you for too much of a loop-here's some very sound and simple advice from an actor friend, Lamont Furguson:

"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

here's to wishing and wishing well!


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