i'm not your typical navy wife | the long haul

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Most military wives would not tell you that the longest they spent away from their husband was of their own accord, but I can. You is finally back home and I'm still 7 hours away in The City riding packed subways and feeling the energy in the air. Most military wives would think I am crazy for staying here when I could be back home with my husband, but I only have so long that I can do this and even be that close to him, and I am taking that opportunity and am grateful for it, for the support he is giving our family both financially and lovingly as he encourages me to pursue my dreams and finish my college career. One day we will be here happy in this changing city, but in the meanwhile, our love does not feel far away. Today marks the longest we've ever been away from each other but who's counting right? It does get lonely in the city, but I am part of so much here that it's easy to feel like everyone here is part of a big, big family. Stay tuned for pictures of Ansel, and please check out my project if you get a chance-we need your help.

Thoughtfully, and Tiredly,
Me & You Too (I think he's off shipping some orders right now...)

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Hipstercrite said...

your strength is commendable!