i'm blue | navy blue

"I'm as blue as blue can be"

I met You when I was seventeen years old; we had to kiss in a school play. He asked me out to dinner at this very spot in January of 2005, and I was lovestruck ever since. This was long before he ever thought of joining the navy, long before I ever thought he would ever ask me to marry him, and long before I ever thought that anything other than how crazy I was about him would ever matter. In many ways, I am still that spontaneous, wild & unearthed little girl waiting to be knocked off my feet by whatever comes next and in many ways I am looking back wondering how I have gotten myself to this naval predicament. People always say 'well, he joined the navy before you got married so you married into it', but the thing is that I knew You before this gig, before having short hair, wearing uniforms, and through many other journeys he had to take. I love that man, the one who put stars in both of my eyes, and I know our navy-less future will be bold, bright, & beautiful. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like we are in the military, as the longest we have ever spent apart is 3 weeks, but as he was deployed for the first time in 6 months last week, I am feeling especially woozy and upset as we dip into this deployment thing again, like my head is full of water and my stomach's full of soup........and right now I am feeling like the next 4 years couldn't go by fast enough ; I want my husband back, but in the meantime I wait until the stars are right and convince myself that we are not loosing out on our youth, but it is often that I'm not so sure.

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thank you for sharing. *hugs*