serenity on 87th street | city love

it's all I can think about. Two years ago I would have shuttered at the thought
of New York City, and I've always been a mountain girl but these strong streets
have stolen my heart. For some people, the city is an overwhelming, stressful & scary place,
but for me, I feel calm, safe, and energized by everything that is going on. It tells me 'hey, your troubles aren't that important, there's an entire world going on out there!"
I love....

1.) The way ice-cream trucks stop on broadway and stay for hours on end
2.) Seeing little boys fitted with glove & bas
eball bat getting off the subway on their own!
3.) The spring weather here right is truly perfect and I know we only have so much more of it to go.
4.) Hearing 6 languages in 6 minutes
5.) Falling asleep listening to honks and more honks and random city banter
6.) The feeling of being very close to people & very far away at the same time
7.) The idea that you can take a turkish bath, eat
on a farm, and see broadway shows all in the sane city.
8.) Art, and how it lives so strongly here.
10.) Being able to walk to church, the grocery store, any store, and basically anywhere you need to go.

now, we just need to get You & Ansel over here!
if you're in town, come & visit me!

oh, P.S. I got blogged on one of my favorite blogs last night, little miss Shiny Squirrel
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tell me, what city do you love?


thepixie said...

What a beautiful post!
I was talking to a friend yesterday about how excited I was to be moving into the city (proper) of Toronto in the fall, and she just couldn't understand why anyone would want to live downtown. I should send you your post, because it perfectly describes why I simply can't imagine living anywhere else (:

Mandy Bryant said...

I love that photo so much! I've never been to NY, but you've got me feeling like I might just run away to the big city when no one's looking.

laura evans/photography said...

glad you're loving new york so much ... i wish i could tell you which city i love but really there isn't one. i'm a country girl ... i like fields, rolling hills & the peace & quiet. I love being able to escape from everyone. I like that i can drive to the city & get what i need & run away again.

Claire Marie said...

I love New York City, too... I want to go back so badly!!

I'm also a huge fan of Seattle. What a city.

Claire Marie said...

I love New York City, too... I want to go back so badly!!

I'm also a huge fan of Seattle. What a city.

Janet Mazorie said...

Oh I remember my first days in NYC! I have recently felt like I am not taking advantage of this great place and I need to remedy that. Thanks for the reminder.