we are now with puppy | introducing ansel

against many friends & families' cautions to not bring a dog into our family at this tumultuous time in our lives, we did, and we are proud of our joint decision. Our lives will always be wild, and full of movement & inconsistency, but we have decided as a family that as long as Ansel is loved and taken care of, then we will do what it takes to nurse him back to health and make sure he is well loved. We are both dog people and have wanted a dog together since we got married. It was either now or 4 years later! I have to say, I've never gotten so many kisses while You wasn't around ;) His name is Ansel, named after the famous photographer, Ansel Adams and pronounced "ahn-sul" like Hänsel und Gretel. (we keep telling him that in a few years, if he is really good he can get a Gretel) Ansel means 'follows nobility' and since we are the Kings, we thought it was very fitting ;) He is a 4 month old Australian Shepard whom we rescued from Animal Control one week ago. He is very well behaved, house-trained, affectionate, and even mannered, even while getting his tiny ear drip-drop medication. Now, walking him on the leash...that's another story all together. Love You, Me & now Ansel.


Claire Marie said...

Congratulations on your new addition! I love the name Ansel for a puppy almost as much as I love Ansel Adams. Hope you guys are having a great time!!

Found Days said...

that's great! a pet in the family really brings so much joy everyday. we are learning that with our newish kitten, mr. pibb :)