i have a tiny dream | that i don't know what to do with yet

in a world of his own, originally uploaded by shadycam.

and i feel like this about it

if I had my way which thank goodness I don't always because take a second to imagine *that* universe, I would get on a train with two briefcases, one in each hand. One briefcase would be filled with copies of my poetry book and (to be created) music cds. The other would be full of buttons, that I make from my shop. I would begin on the rocky coast of Maine and work my way down to Mississippi performing at odd venues and sharing my work and replacing each of my own creations with one of someone else's to take it's place. It would be an experiment in being full, in taking what you can get and leaving all you can. My arms may get tired and I may get lost along the way but my feet will keep moving with a little train-age till my years in america go to a bit of a halt by 2011.

it's all dandies and doom; no band. no knowledge. just a hum drum dream out of tune.

i'm reaching out-

any help for a piece of hope?

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