married girl | a certain city

I'm trying to teach my eyes to open
the other day was a sixteen hour day on two feet,
& on my only break, You was just falling asleep, chanting
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs on the phone like a dreamsleeper
a few friends are giving me enough energy to go further
for good or for good or for bad. Daytrotter is a friend of mine
this early may morning as well as this paleo song which taps at my heart seams
as well as my doubts,
who come to visit too often
sometimes being married young is like some sort of strange condition to admit to
like using cocaine,, a vitamin D deficiency,
or being allergic to the sun.
yeah, that happens you said, and walk down the street being nice to strangers in tall places
can I get a shout out up in here, a holla for the hopeless: is anyone right in the head
it can't be right to say it's all dandelions and daises. Unicorns don't really roam in the place where we were born, but I swear I used to see them not long ago. somebody say to me simply that they had perfect hair and were worth every penny; i need to know.
is she certain in the city she was so right
that something so young and milky could do something
so strong. so stupid. so liberating to commit to loving for life,
to letting go into a million other rivers, drenched in freedom's fight?
i'm relying on the quarters of the hour.
to know what i'm doing and why i came even though it's getting hot in all the night sweats
i am in love and know that means letting go of everything you have
marriage is a choice,
not a contract,
& when you choose it newly as a crisp choice
it makes about as much sense as any other wonderful vision of nature

but it stings more than usual
on little sleep
and a large serving of morning in the meantime.

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