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new york shows me nothing more than it needs to
. a mother reading her daughter curious George near coney island
. two boys petting an Australian Shepard in Brooklyn
. a 45 minute saxophone concert on the A train
. the most productive wait for the G train ever
. a violinist playing on 42nd street....facing the wall...
. the writing circle of the neo futurists and all that it gives
. peanut butter chocolate mousse and the aftermath
. knowing the correct choice
. and maybe choosing it
. and maybe just knowing it
. and maybe chewing on it's rind while looking out over a bridge, down through people's hopes and values, runny noses and milky ministrations, counting the length of the stares you get on the subway & keeping all the winks deep in your pocket for when the purposeless sets in and you feel like you're loosing all your golden ones
. but there's so much gold outside still
. and you don't know what makes you feel safe anymore. or you know what makes you feel safe anymore but that it's just a delusion of safety.
of grandeur

of more than you bargained for


friendship is the truest blue i've ever heard of

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