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I'm going to say something I have never said before in my entire life:

I want to learn how to cook.

Not for my husband, not for anyone else, just for myself. I am now publicly stating that I am going to try and stop my frequent habits of

1.) Barely eating at all
2.) Only eating from restaurants
3.) Suffering fast food after suffering near-starvation.

If I want to become a better person, maybe I should focus on putting good things into my body. I'm terrified. Food is a social thing for me, I don't like to eat when I'm alone. When I was in middle school I battled with anorexia, right after that time I spent 6 years as a vegetarian. After that, whenever I would cook myself anything at all I would eat it over the sink (to save on time, and washing dishes). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating, I'm a big eater-I just think I could be a better eater! Also, I have weird constraints on eating for example I can't stomach coffee, eggs, fruit, cheese, milk, rice, duck, pancakes or things with too much sugar. Get my drift? At the same time, for my last semester of college I am embarking on writing a one woman show. (Cue: Imput. Output. I'm going to tell myself that the better I eat, the better the content of the show will be. )

So...that's where you come into play. Does anyone have any easy healthy recipes that they would recommend? And I mean EASY. Like, I can scramble eggs and make a PB&J and that's IT! So work with me.

:) Thanks bloggers. Thanks for following this blog. Thanks for being you.

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