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I have idolized this woman since high-school and was fortunate enough to see her in The Apple Tree several years ago, and earlier this week in Promises, Promises while just finishing up her biography A Little Bit Wicked. It's one of those journey of hard-work and high-blessings that left the little cornball stars-in-my-eyes self brimming with tears at every page. Her heart for God, and her heart for her work, besides her just joy burstin' buttermilk talent is something I recommend at large, you know, if you're into being inspired and that sort of thing. Here are some excerpts that I'm highlighting from her book, but really, all you need to do is listen to her sing.

"Lesson learned: it's dangerous to be SuperGlued to anything in any show. (Or in life). You have to let go of what's not working no matter how dearly you wish it would work; put that ol' thinking cap on and step up to the next thing."-Pg. 153

"...The thing that makes us human: we're all just a little bit wicked. Galinda thinks she's good until she sees her own mean streak and faces the sad consequences of it. When she steps up to make it right, when she learns from her mistakes and grows stronger through tough experiences-that's when she truly becomes Glinda the Good)"-Pg. 157

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