the light in the love story

oh blog family,
i do apologize for my absence.

I just got back to NYC this morning after spending the last 2 weeks taking care of You after only seeing him once in over 6 weeks!!

it was a foggy ride with little sleep.

Despite a bit of recovery (nothing major!), we managed to have a bit of fun

-getting splashed at Busch Gardens
-playing with our pride, joy & resident house ripper-upper, Ansel (whom we are now sure is part Husky)
-camping & hiking at her beautiful valley, Shenandoah
- watching flight of the conchords
- eating at some of our local virginia beach favorites like firehouse subs & the 007 roll at Matsu Sushi & the Melting Pot,
- dreaming & planning about our first foreign adventure we are about to take this summer together!
-beach play
- red sunsets
-lots & lots of naps. Like, I think we could specialize in the field of nappery

in other news life's been a bit rough on me lately,
i could use some support
some cheer, nothing nyc can't handle.

but you my dearies
have a GREAT tuesday!


nancita said...

i think you are my love note

Anonymous said...

you are my love note