a radiant act

Hello readers,

If you didn't know by now, I am writing a one-woman show. I am currently pursuing a career of being a solo artist and this is really the first step of many leaps and runs. Anyways, while researching monodrama I stumbled across this cool quote about a book of monologues done by the company that I was recently interning for.

"For Strus, Neo Solo is a chance to clarify her original stance on the joys of marriage.

“I see it [marriage] as a radical, unnatural act,” Strus says. “Now that I’ve done it, I still believe in the covenant and sacrament of it, but I see it as a radical, unnatural act.”

Read more: http://chicago.timeout.com/articles/theater/15030/heart-and-solo#ixzz0udHTrC6Z

Unnatural, or natural, whatever your opinion, it's our act, and we still think it's pretty radical, too.

you & me

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