apple sunday -tales from a summer road trip part I

, originally uploaded by A Sense of Place Photography.

Our Roadtrip began with visiting my cousin Nico in Round Hill and then my cousin Bridget in Richmond. I hadn't seen either of them in about 8 years so that was a real treat. We got to see the beautiful blue ridge mountains, swim in Harper's ferry, teach Ansel how to swim, hear some beautiful bluegrass, and talk about family. I even remember one drive we took where about 100 fireflies lit up the path for us. We had a quiet 4th of July and Steve had plenty of water fights with my cousin's kids. We also got up to Pennsylvania to see some family friends of You. It was really a great time.

Our first stop after some family visiting was one of our favorite spots in the world, Carver's Applesauce Restaurant & Orchard in Cosby, Tennessee. We just seriously love the feel of this area, the wonderful food, and of course the smoky mountains nearby. It was also where one of our most popular prints was taken (and we swear that same bird was right there again telling us hello!) If you get a chance you should stop by and enjoy some of their apple cidar and sweet rolls!

Have a very happy sunday.

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