crossroads -tales from a summer road trip part II

48/50, originally uploaded by A Sense of Place Photography.

After the smoky mountains we found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads. Our options were wide open but I was a bit disappointed since some of our European adventure plans had fallen through. My choices were between leaving early for Mississippi and setting up shop, traveling to Iowa to do a photo study of day trotter recording studios, and heading 30 hours away to see Yellowstone National Park. I, after much debating, chose to drive with my husband complete with Ansel the Mountain Dog on his lap to Wyoming to see a part of the United States I had never seen before. On the way we saw more rainbows and oversized sunsets than I remember seeing in years at at time. Some of the road was crazy, we would sleep at random hours at rest stops in every position we could think of in the front seat, and there were about 100 pictures taken through a buggy windshield. We got lost in MO, and enjoyed the fields of Iowa but it was when we crossed into Western country that the land really started opening up.

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