Day of no screens | a different kind of sunscreen

The day that You & I decided to do this was the day that we started feeling a change of weather here in Mississippi.

I mean that in no small terms, the other night I was freezing! Like need-to-bring-out the space heater freezing! I can tell you one thing: I'm a happy camper about that.

You & I have realized lately that we spend too much time online. He's suddenly gotten even more into video games and I'm into well, whatever it is I do online. Maybe it's because we don't have too many friends here, or that I don't have another job yet or that its an easy way to unwind after his hard day at work but excuses, excuses we're seeing an issue. Add the television that we have now at our place here and it is attack of the screens. We're feeling it, the dog is feeling it, are you feeling it?

So Mondays are our day-without-screen days! When You gets home from work its no television, no internet, no phone. I have to admit it was a little challenging for us. Even just looking up recipes or solving arguments via google or whatever. But I loved it, it was a really great start to our new commitment. I missed playing guitar on the bed and chatting in the kitchen.

Well, we're going out on the boat tonight. Hope to have some pictures to show you tomorrow. Have a great evening everyone, and thanks so much for reading :)

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