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Only a musical theater major would understand the title of this post.

It was less hot today. Less hot enough to walk outside.

Hope your fall is crisper.

Getting ready to take some pieces to consignment shops & galleries today. Our town is literally on a hiring hold right now so I'm trying to concentrate on my prints & the online shop.
I've included about 5 new items if you want to go and take a look.

Our weekend was lazy. You has been sailing a lot. We both just got over a sort of coast cold (I've never sneezed so many times in my life!) and I am ever so looking forward to fall. We're thanking dominos chicken habenero sandwich this week & petco's defurminator treatment for making our lives a bit e
asier. As unclassy & American as that sounds, it's the truth.

You & Me

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nancy said...

you are so bright creative and awesome. i am so glad you belonged to me as long as you did.