I prefer full circles.

Confession: I am starting to kind of like the deep south.

The Mississippi drag that makes leaving your house on time almost impossible because you have to chat with every neighbor on the street.

The fact that there is a church across the street from my house. And my pastor is a bus driver. And a pizza delivery man.

The fact that I will never know the horrors of Katrina but that people find some sort of comfort in sharing the experience with me, the hearts it ripped from them, the town they will never quite see again. These people are still in mourning 5 years later and it's powerful.

The fact that it is getting cooler. Finally. Thank God for that. I can walk outside and wear the same outfit for the rest of the day without changing ;)

We did not go out on the boat the other day, it didn't end up going but we will soon and I will have some more schooner pictures to share with you all. Or rather... ya'll.

Enjoy where you are. I believe you are there for a reason. It's hard for me to admit this because I am always dreaming, always greedy to see more. I wish I was back in NYC or in New England, Norway, Iceland...the list is long and spectacular and possible but it is not here. not now. And even though I never imagined I would one day live in the gulf coast right after the most major oil spill in history, I am, and it is kind of fantastic in it's own way.

Where do you live? Tell me what it's like! I really would love to hear.

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