I was never taught how to be that girl.

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   I say that honestly. No one ever taught me how to do my hair or clean the house or cook or paint my nails, sew, or anything like that. I'm not saying my mother abandoned me, she taught me other useful things like how to have a sense of humor, how to be there for people, how to get succeed in school, and how to read one heck of a southern Christmas story. 

But still, I was lacking in the girl lessons. There were plenty of times where I figured that if sex-change surgery wasn't so darn painful well then honey, I'd be game. But I don't know if that is true. I talked to my father about it once

-Papa, do you think I'd basically be the same person if I was a boy? 

he answered, quite quickly (which is rare for him)

-Definitely not. You'd be very different as a boy. 

Which made me come to two conclusions very quickly 1. Maybe I am pretty girly, after all & 2. Maybe my father had always wished I was a boy...

Anyways, that is just some background. 

I've always had this desire to have only 3 outfits in my closet. One for business, one for sport, and one for casual. I am constantly dreaming little schemes of how to organize my life that never actually materialize. But anyways, while searching through the suggest shop vortex last night, I found this great shop and about a million xs dresses. (If you didn't know, it is actually pretty darn challenging trying to find xs clothes that look good. Clothes kind of...overwhelm me, but ya' gotta wear them, right?) 

So, to have a desire to wear a dress is a rare gig for me. But.  Today, I think I want to wear dresses. Nothing but dresses. From now until forever. 

Dresses, I do! 


love the normally-not-so-materialistic, 
Me ( & you claims no part in this. I married a man. A handsome, farting, video-game playing, 6 foot something, meat eating, throws- socks -on -the- floor man)

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