magic swim in ocean springs

who says cats hate water?
Sara of Uninvented Colors & I just can't get enough of this mask-around-the-world project! We met up yesterday in ocean springs to experiment with some final mask work for fPOE's mask-around-the-world project.

She was so adventurous to just jump right in the water and get to it! She is the beautiful model in this starry photograph. I'm not afraid of water, but I am grossed out by what can be inside the water sometimes. Like fish. Especially fish. You can see more photos here. And even a few of me


Sleeping used to be my biggest fan. Sleeping & I used to get along like no body's business. But recently, it hasn't been going so well. You leaves for work at 5AM and after he leaves I feel the need to be awake. Not sure why. And then at night, my low-energy days leave me not sleepy when You dozes off. Ug. The last two days have been much better though, waking up at normal hours like 7AM or 9AM and going to sleep at 10ish rather than 2ish. I was never good with numbers.

But this morning consists of serious neck pain. And a strange unsatisfied feeling. Which I am blaming on the neck pain & subsequent headache. Nothing a little food & excedrin migraine can't fix.

In other news I'm planning for an exciting business trip this weekend. Yes, I did just say exciting business trip. More later on that!

Speaking of business, I am in the market for a job. By now you probably have a good sense of the creative work I can do. Tell a friend. Something temporary. Something freelance. Something fun. I'm up for a little travel, as usual.

I miss your comments. Anybody out there?

Happy Humperdinkle Day.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Good luck with the business meeting! Yay!
Peculiar photo. Yay!