sleep tight

La Pomme on Etsy
Fact. I live about one street away from a giant graveyard.
Fact. This bothers me more than it should?
Fact. I am blaming the graveyard for all my recent nightmares I am ashamed to say my brain creates.

But then, I saw this from La Pomme searching through etsy's new suggested shops tab & thought about those couples who are buried next to each other. Instead about thinking about...a lot of unpleasant other things, I just imagined them both saying "good night, darling" to each other before they went to sleep. Still. Even then. And for some odd reason that made me feel a bit better.

Morbid...maybe. But hey, it's almost Halloween & I have to deal with it somehow?

On a more cheerful note, welcome new readers! I'm so happy to see you! I've been slacking this week with the bloggin' so get ready for 4 posts today. That's right, for every day I missed. Get cozy, I'll be going against blogging rules left & right. Lol, I'll see how many readers I have left after today ;)

Happy Thursday! (we're pretty happy because this is the end of the week for us this week)

-You & Me

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