sweet relief.

I performed the debut of my one woman show, Mind Party last night in New Orleans. It was successful; we had a patient & listening audience in a venue that doesn't normally have multimedia performance art and they were kind enough to ask us back!

It was a sight to see audience members wearing party hats and what a great audience they were! We even had a little girl up on stage finger painting! I will upload the video here when we get it :)

Now I'm only some paperwork away from being a college graduate from this university!!

We are so relieved that this initial run is over. I am so proud at the performance of our first issue and the initial step into a life of being a performing artist. Projects that big can kind of become a sort of weed that takes over your brain-so much that I thought it was still Spring or at least Summer....it's September!

We love the theater, but we think we're going to take a break for a bit and continue working on our music.

We would like to thank everyone for their support. I want to spend this day drinking coke-a-cola and listening to the beatles, relaxing and learning how to breathe deeply again.

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