and all the King's horses

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I don't know what it is with my current hankerin' for Humpty Dumpty as of late, but I do know that all the King family horses....or rather forces were all at the Ocean Springs craft fair today. Yes, You, Me & Ansel all teamed up around a small table to share our art with the gulf coast community for the first time. It was slow as a mississippi drag but as lovely weather as it could be! We were happy to be introduced to the art community here and have so much more community buzz on it's way!

I'm terrible at this marketing thing; I should have blasted sooner that we were going there today just to catch up with a few of you there but time just slipped away from me! Next time I'll aim at you being the first, rather than the last to know ;) Speaking of being informed, you'll note the new mailing list attached to my sidebar on the right there. It's my new pride & joy! Sign up if you want monthly (and we promise, just monthly!) updates on where we are showing our works, discount codes, and when we may be in your town!

How is everyone this weekend? Hopefully you're out doing something wonderful, tell me about it?

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