anniversary picnic

I had been looking forward to this day for some time. For our anniversary this year I was just so grateful to have Steve around. On our wedding day he had to leave early the next morning for his job and the year before he actually got deployed on our anniversary so needless to say I was one happy camper just to be able to have him in my arms.

visited the cupcake factory
had dinner in d'iberville
got our carton of ch.chip cookie dough ice cream on & head to new orleans
walked around the french quarter, took photographs & went sight seeing through the big easy
went to the french market
walked around the city & ate at el gato negro for lunch
(mmm...stuffed portabello peppers...)
fell in love with the spotted cat music club while listening to live jazz music (my favorite part was when You asked me to dance in the center of the room with him!)
checked out the NO fringe festival preview for some live performance
stayed in a hotel
enjoyed a mimosa breakfast
went vintage car spotting
had a beautifully romantic sunday picnic in the field outside (complete with being fed grapes...ohh la la)

ended the evening with a bowl of popcorn and our favorite, The Office

(is it just too corny to mention that we finally caught Jim & Pam's elopement episode on the weekend of celebrating our own?)

we had a great festive time

the day we eloped was the most exciting day of our lives

and I could simply celebrate it forever, and do.

the lovebirds

ps: more pictures soon!


Mary said...

Oh how woonderful!! This sounds like a day I'd so enjoy! I love New Orleans and vintage car shopping and the food you mentioned...yay, you two's to many more years together in love. ;)

Montagyoo said...

glad you had such a wonderful anniversary!

Montagyoo said...
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Tishana said...

Sounds like you had a grand 'ol time! Congrats on turning 2. [I can comment on your blog now :)]