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We forgot to mention that, during our picnic, our puppy Ansel (who is way more like a toddler than a puppy these days) was romping around and yes, throwing himself grapes. My husband caught this particularly awesome photo of Ansel in action.

Oh life...the things we don't notice are more fragile & meaningful than we will ever know and the things we stress about don't mean anything at all. What a trip.

The you & me show will now turn into a weekly publication. My original goal in writing this was to document our lives as newlyweds and, I feel that I have successfully done that. Hooray!

I have experienced much joy in creating this and have been thrilled that you have wanted to come along but I feel that, since we aren't technically newlyweds anymore ( :( ) that I am ready for the next journey.

No, that doesn't mean kids or anything like that (although I have been hankerin' for a new puppy...;) ) it just means a little less of this and a little more of that to keep my goals focused, current & sincere. This will also help to keep this blog more about us and less about work, etsy, and little 'ol me.

What's that? You ask. It's me trying to take a different turn in my career and drum up a little personal refresh. I need to spend less time online, and finish up some projects I have started (like the turtle dove project!)

You can still find me at my new blog, Miss Mellow Moxie...where I will be documenting bi-weekly updates of this process with all the grit & glam that goes with it.

It is an exclusive private blog, with only 11 spots left for readers so if you're a true fan of the kind of things I make and what I stand for, then dig a little deeper and comment below with your email address and I will send you an invite ;)

Don't worry, I won't publish the comment so anyone else will see it I will just keep it to myself. And I'm also all over the net, you know that, loving to keep in touch on flickr, etsy, & twitter.

Thanks guys. Keep loving. Please keep loving. I appreciate you reading, and we'll be back next week for our regularly scheduled program!

In the meantime, if you are interested in guest posting/sponsoring/sending in products for us to review, don't hesitate to let us know.

You & Me

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