Virginia Johnson
oh, yes

When I was a little girl I would spend hours looking through bedding magazines & imagining having a house of my own. This was one of my constant daydreams right along with being an actress in new york and never having a husband. Call it the gemini in me. It's less than ideal to admit, but I have always had an ear for comfort. Seeing this today in design sponge I felt just like that little girl cutting out magazine pictures of comforters, matching sheet sets/etc. The memory surprised me as I envision myself somewhat as an alternative non-traditional wife who does not readily speak the language of home making. The world traveler. The business woman. The modern. Maybe I have a bit of that southern home-lovin' heritage still in me somewhere. Or maybe I just like the color yellow, and sleeping, a lot. 

yeah, that's it....
happy monday

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