I've considered naming this post a different kind of dog stool...

Here we are! All formal and stuff in our backyard saying hello. We haven't had a formal family picture...ever. Which is embarrassing because I'm a photographer. So I drummed this up.

It's finally cooler, and I hope for good. You & Ansel both have some doctor appointments coming up and I've two craft fairs and my show, which is going up in New Orleans again!

In one month we'll be on our way to an island far across the world.

big news. big world. worry, excitement, too much time, not enough time, transition, flight, water, weather, quarantine, job, peace, prayer, work, future.

it's all going on up in here.

hope you and yours are well.


{ lillith } said...

great photo :)

{ lillith } said...

that's a great photo :)