Ansel's 1st birthday

Did we mention that Ansel turned 1 year old this December? This photo is a bit old, but I love it. We had a hard time getting him to wear the hat. Don't worry, he's still 110% puppy.

{Speaking of Ansel, he finally got to come home from quarantine last week and I am so enjoying him keeping me company for this time}

Yay Ans! You make our family feel extra whole.

Love from,
mom & dad

ps: we don't have kids but sometimes it's fun seeing which roles we would play. I'm the comforter & consistently calm caretaker for sure. You is both the wild playmate and trusty disciplinarian.


Jennifer said...

Are you the Katie King in Santa Rita? This is Jenn, I just now saw your comment on my blog! Nice to meet you too, do ya'll live off base too?

Katie King said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for contacting me. Yes I am and yes we do :)